At Assaí, we are driven by boosting prosperity for all with responsible and transparent operations and less environmental impact. Our sustainability work is based on three pillars, which involve the company’s priorities for the responsible development of our business!

We balance the economic, social, and environmental dimensions in our operations and value chain, with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guiding our initiatives.

Fome zero e agricultura sustentável

Trabalho e crescimento econômico

Ação contra a mudança global do clima

We innovate in our operations and in our way of doing business. From farm to fork, we encourage best production and marketing practices with our suppliers and conscious consumption in our stores – reducing our climate impact and guaranteeing fair working conditions throughout our value chain.

Fome zero e agricultura sustentável

Trabalho e crescimento econômico

We promote prosperity for all, through growth opportunities for Our People and the communities in which we operate. We are a diverse company, present in various regions of Brazil, and we are committed to developing fairer, more inclusive, and prejudice-free relationships.

Working fronts Entrepreneurship

Promoting food entrepreneurship

Family Farming Assaí Academy

Information and training, support on production outlet, access to resources and acknowledgement to entrepreneurs, solutions for the ecosystem.

Working frontsFood Safety

Fighting food and nutritional insecurity through income and food transfer.

Community Kitchens

Support to the existent ones and creation of new facilities

Food Donation

We Share Food

More options and food education

Food voucher, workshops and background material

Destino certo

Stores redirecting in natura products

Working fronts Sport for citizenship

Strengthening of small institutions for promoting sports activities

Strengthening Institutions

Educational training and investment

Strengthening The Ecosystem

Trabalho e crescimento econômico

Consumo e produção responsável

We believe in ethical and clear relationships with all our stakeholders, based on good ESG practices. This is how we develop a long-term view of our business and form consistent relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, social organizations, shareholders, and society altogether.

Main acknowledgements and certifications:

  • ISE B3

    B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3)

    2nd consecutive year in the list

  • ICO2 B3

    Carbon-Efficient Index (ICO2 B3)

    2nd consecutive year in the list

  • CDP Climate change

    CDP Climate change

    B rating on CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)



    Listed for a year in Latin America's first diversity-focused index

  • Gender-Equality Index – GEI

    Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)

    We joined the group of 16 Brazilian companies that belong to the Index

Initiatives supported:

Fornecedores do Assaí.

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