About Us

About Assaí

Assaí Atacadista is a Brazilian self-service wholesale company (or Cash&Carry). It is the only company in the segment listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) under the ticker ASAI3. In addition, it is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Assaí unites fair prices, variety and quality to serve small and medium-sized retailers and the end customer.

More than 9,000 items are sold per store, including food, beverages, personal hygiene and cleaning items, bazaar, automotive line, pet line and appliances, as well as packaging and disposables. The customer can choose to make the purchase paying the wholesale price (when purchasing larger volumes of the same item, which gives a discount to the final value of the purchase) and retail (when buying small amounts).

Besides serving end customers in search of low prices and variety, Assaí is the ideal spot for food retailers (such as restaurants, pizzerias and snack bars), end users (schools, religious institutions, hospitals and hotels) and conventional retailers (grocery stores and local supermarkets). The Company sells its products in physical stores, telesales (with in-store pickup) and through partner delivery apps (such as Cornershop by Uber and Rappi).

In 2017, Assaí became the Casino Group’s largest brand worldwide (in terms of gross revenue) and was also one of the 25 most valuable brands in Brazil in 2021 by Interbrand.

Assaí in numbers

Lojas 293 stores throughout Brazil

Centros de Distribuição 12 distribution Centers

Escritórios Regionais 11 regional offices

Estados Presence in 24 states and the Federal District

Clientes 35 million customers visit our stores
every month

Colaboradores 80 K employees

Varejista 2nd largest retailer in Brazil

Our history from sun to sun

Awards and recognitions

2022 2021 2020



Assaí acts as an advocate of diversity with actions and programs to support the valuing of Our People.

Academia Assaí

Encouraging food entrepreneurs through a portal comprising news, online courses and opportunities with major partners.

Expansion and Regionalization

Assaí’s entire expansion process is led by an experienced team that is in charge of the company’s business and carefully analyzes the points for opening stores. The whole process is conducted in the most assertive way possible, resulting in successful openings. Thus, in the last five years, Assaí has been opening an average of 18 new stores a year.

Furthermore, with a national strategy, Assaí’s business model is also thought out regionally, from the product mix to the communication strategy. With this, the company follows with caution, looking at the local realities and specificities and what makes more sense in that region.


With a solid program in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) initiatives, Assaí is a reference in the sector in different programs for the construction of a more responsible and inclusive society.

Our People

Currently, Assaí is one of the largest employers in the private segment in Brazil, with more than 60 thousand employees. Each time a new unit opens, about 500 new direct and indirect jobs are created. With organizational culture as one of the pillars of the company’s success, Assaí believes that the company’s growth must also mean the growth of its employees. For this reason, it has an important career program, favoring internal movements, providing opportunities for growth and encouraging a sense of belonging among employees.

In 2022, the Company was certified with the Great Place To Work (GPTW) seal, being recognized by the prestigious consultancy as an excellent place to work.

Sport Incentive

Sport is part of the daily life of Brazilians, it is a national identity that brings us together, connects us and is directly linked to the values of Assaí Atacadista:

• Campeonato Brasileiro – Brasileirão Assaí;
• Copa do Nordeste 2022;
• Campeonato Paulista 2022;

• 26ª Maratona Internacional de São Paulo;
• 24ª Meia Maratona do Rio de Janeiro;
• Vôlei Futuro Araçatuba;
• Campeonato Paulista Feminino.

Financial Services

Assaí offers options for gift cards, cards for basic-needs grocery package and the Passaí Itaucard Card with advantages.

Social Actions and Donations

Helping those in need and doing good with those who believe. Assaí is engaged in several social actions and participates in donation campaigns throughout the year with our partner institutions.

Social Actions and Donations

Who buys at Assaí

Our customers are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, companies looking for long-lasting partnerships or end customers looking for variety and savings in their purchases by wholesaler or unit.

At Assaí Atacadista, customers find the best price to resell their products or to supply their homes.



Hot dog sellers, food service, snack bars, pastry shops, restaurants, candy shops, canteens, grocery stores, mini-markets and bakeries.



Gyms, sports clubs, condominiums, schools, religious institutions, hotels, and micro-entrepreneurs.

Cliente Final

Final Customer

Consumers who seek savings in daily purchases in large volumes or at retail price.

Fornecedores do Assaí.

Empresas e indústrias de confiança com produtos de qualidade!